VHF radio

VHF radio that every ship must carry is a fundamental element of maritime safety. The VHF radio equipment we have installed on our boat must be used under a regulated standard. In this post we will summarize how to use our VHF radio equipment correctly.

Let’s start by giving an example of how to make a communication, then we’ll make comments that add something to the example given. Using a channel that is free – if it is busy you have to wait for it to end – the speaker of the VHF station that calls will start the communication in this way:


(Coastal) SEA GIPSY, SEA GIPSY, SEA GIPSY. HERE HAVANA MORRO. PASS TO CHANNEL (and tell us the number of the channel available)

(Boat) Already on the channel you have been told: HAVANA MORRO, HERE THE GIPSY, I would like… etc. (ask for conference call, weather information or the required information… etc.)

If we do not get an answer on the first call, we can repeat the call up to 3 times with a time interval of two minutes between calls. In the same way it is necessary to proceed when we call to another ship or to the navy, in such a way that the navy or the ship to which we call when answering must indicate us the channel by which it has to follow the conversation;
Since, to make calls is used channel 16 but only used to initiate the call, except in cases of request for help or when ordered by the coast.

If you have to make telephone conferences, normally the coast station requests data from the calling station, such as its billing number, charge phone and the data necessary to meet the request for service. If you are in Spain it is advisable before you start using a mobile station to deal with the CT.N.E. office to obtain a billing number. They are very friendly people who attend to you quickly.

When you do not want to saturate channel 16, marinas and nautical use channel 9 which is assigned to communications from land to ship or vice versa. However, it is always heard on channel 16 as well; remember that this channel 9 should not be used for ship-to-shore calls.

Vessels must pay attention to channel 16 and if you have double reception you can listen to one of the channels assigned to “ship to ship” communications and not those assigned to “ship to land”. Other services such as practical, meteorology or similar also use predetermined channels.

VHF equipment should be used primarily to talk to the coast and other ships. Boat waves are transmitted in a straight line so their range is limited, we will improve coverage with a high antenna. However sometimes there are range problems, this is due to weather conditions, geophysical reasons or other mysteries of nature.

As for when a call should be made, the first three minutes of each hour should not be made calls, except if it is an emergency or distress situation, also the three minutes following the half hour are respected as minutes of silence to give preference to calls for help.

Radiotelephone Procedures and Discipline

The use of VHF radio stations should be used with caution so as not to interrupt possible emergency calls. The channels should be occupied for as short a time as possible, avoiding any superfluous conversation, of course, it is forbidden to give false data or not identify oneself. Caller identification is always mandatory at sea.

When a vessel calls another vessel, the called vessel will indicate at the time which channel the communication is to be continued. The address on a maritime radio communication is taken by the station to which it is called.

When a ship calls the coast station, it is the coast station who, when answering, will indicate the channel on which the call is to be continued, will say whether it should be kept listening on that channel (standby) and the shift number corresponding to the caller. (For example: “SEA GIPSY, SEA GIPSY, SEA GIPSY, Channel 01, stand by turn 2”). In the case of a request for help, it is the person who directs the communication that is the only exception to this principle: calls for help.

The messages that you listen to on the radio must remain secret and cannot be divulged or used for any purpose by the person who listened to them. Calls on channel 16 should not exceed one minute.

Calls for distress, emergency and safety have priority in that order.

In the event that channel 16 is occupied, in the event of a serious emergency requiring immediate assistance, the communication can be interrupted by saying the word SILENS, at the beginning of the call and when it ends it closes with the words SILENS FINI.

The distress call must be initiated with the word “MAYDAY”, that

Monterey 298 SS for rent in IBiza

One of the destinations you can’t miss on one of those long-awaited holidays must definitely be Ibiza, also known as one of the “Pitiusas”. With its incredible landscapes, pleasant inhabitants and warm tropical climate, makes it an unforgettable holiday destination.

The nightlife is one of the main characteristics that attracts a considerable number of tourists every year, but the beaches are also one of its natural attractions that are still a spectacle for everyone to see. 

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These piles do not include some services such as fuel, port fees, food, final cleaning which is mandatory, moorings or skipper, although the latter is usually mandatory for some boats.

Comfort for sunbathing 

It is important to take into account the characteristics of each boat that is going to be rented since, although they are usually very comfortable, they usually have some additional comforts. 

The Monterey 298 SS of the year 2009, has the capacity to have up to 10 people on board, so the family and friend will be more than comfortable. It also has a bathroom and a stateroom with television.

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Nothing better than sunbathing in style on a boat with ample proportions, the Monterey has 9.00M length and 9.60m overall length and 2.90m beam. 

The type of fuel used by this particular type of boat is gas, with an engine model Mercruiser.

Remember that if you want to rent without skipper must have the appropriate licenses, if you have some recommendations to have manipulated similar or equal boats, will be very useful to increase the confidence of the owners of the same. 

All that remains is to make the reservation and lie down to sunbathe and enjoy the spectacular views in a comfortable, safe and efficient boat with your loved ones.

This summer rent a boat

Sailing on any type of boat for vacation is a highly rewarding experience. And as with other means of transportation, there are places that are best visited and others that are best avoided. In this occasion we will talk about those places that are a mandatory stop if your next trip is by boat. In the web site barcos.online you will be able to find the best advising for every occasion when you decide to rent a boat with vacation purposes.

The countries of Europe, for example, are a beauty in themselves. Visiting them by any means is an experience that everyone should be able to live at least once. In this case, which we talk about boat trips, whether yachts, sails or cruises, the biggest advantage is being able to see up close the most beautiful natural beauties that these countries have to offer on their coasts.

If we talk about Spain, it is only a question of choosing from which port you want to sail to choose then your route to follow. To tour the islands you can visit destinations such as Tenerife, Gran Canarias, Fuerteventura, Lanzarote, La Gomera, La Palma, El Hierro, and more. This is a unique and unrepeatable experience, and those who live it will surely remember it for the rest of their lives.

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There are destinations that have a significant influx of tourists. This is why it is important that the destination you choose, no matter what it is, suits your preferences. Check the high and low seasons to make sure you don’t have any problems arriving at any port.

If you follow these tips when taking your vacation aboard a charter boat, you will certainly not get bored. So be sure to try something you’re sure to like. These plans are ideal for carrying them out with friends, partner or family. It is more than sure that they will have an incredible vacation.  

Take Advantage Of All The Boat Rental Options

When you are sailing and thinking about buying a boat, renting boats is probably one of the best ways to compare different types and models of boats before determining which boats would be purchased. There is a wide selection of boat rentals, ranging from rent on time to a day to the letter for long weeks. Most boat rentals do not offer a range of model boats, but they offer a wide range of boats for you to Explore. Although the fleet of boat rentals tends to look at the basic model, with hiring one of them, you can find what you like or do not like about this model.

Daily Rental: There are hundreds of marinas all over the country that offer pleasure boat rentals per hour or day. The size of the large marinas typically offers a range of boats that include small operated fishing boats, aluminum, outboard boats, ski and pontoon boats, rear exhaust or boat deck and also a houseboat. Most are relatively easy to use, but state rules regarding licensing and certification of submarine operators can be applied.

Houseboat Rental: Rent House rental has become very popular in the Great Lake and reservoir in the south and west in recent years. Companies typically offer boats suitable for 4 to 12 people or more. Rents typically come as ground-based, condominium with full kitchen, barbecue grill and some might even have water slides and hot tubs. You can spend a week on board relaxing with your family or you can enjoy a fun party with friends.

Boat Rental Tips

  1. Make sure the place well-maintained boat rental if you get a reference or references from two people who had been renting this company in the quality of your service as a whole. In Ibiza Barracuda Boat Rental have a great service
  2. Renting a boat must be equipped with the most up-to-date water line diagram.
  3. Verify that all necessary safety equipment is available. By law, a boat rental from 8 m to 12 m (26 to 39 ft) requires a vest or waistcoat (each one with a size suitable for each person on board).
  4. Check the existing communication equipment on board. If you have a mobile phone, you have to take it with you. Collect and maintain a list of local contact numbers as near Marina, in case of emergency.

Who Is Misleading Us About Boat Rental Cheap?

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