Monterey 298 SS for rent in IBiza

One of the destinations you can’t miss on one of those long-awaited holidays must definitely be Ibiza, also known as one of the “Pitiusas”. With its incredible landscapes, pleasant inhabitants and warm tropical climate, makes it an unforgettable holiday destination.

The nightlife is one of the main characteristics that attracts a considerable number of tourists every year, but the beaches are also one of its natural attractions that are still a spectacle for everyone to see. 

That’s why a great way to get to know Ibiza is through a beautiful charter boat that you can rent at, and explore its beaches and coasts with or without a skipper in the most relaxing and efficient way that only they can give you. 

They have a great variety of boats, event boats, yachts, mega yachts and sailboats so that you can find the one that best suits your needs in different aspects (economic, comfort, number of members, etc.) to enjoy the most. 

The beaches of the Balearic Islands with white sand and crystalline waters are a spectacle worthy of admiration that you will be able to enjoy on a boat as beautiful as MONTEREY 298 SS.

This boat is available for rent in for different prices depending on the season you are going to book: low 550.00€, medium 600.00€ and high 700.00€. However, you should contact us with a brief form where you can check availability of dates and prices. 

These piles do not include some services such as fuel, port fees, food, final cleaning which is mandatory, moorings or skipper, although the latter is usually mandatory for some boats.

Comfort for sunbathing 

It is important to take into account the characteristics of each boat that is going to be rented since, although they are usually very comfortable, they usually have some additional comforts. 

The Monterey 298 SS of the year 2009, has the capacity to have up to 10 people on board, so the family and friend will be more than comfortable. It also has a bathroom and a stateroom with television.

Among other additional factors to consider, this incredible boat has a fridge to store the food you take or ask in advance, shower for better comfort after a deserved dive into the beautiful beaches of the islands, GPS, PLOTTER and 2 Solarium. 

Nothing better than sunbathing in style on a boat with ample proportions, the Monterey has 9.00M length and 9.60m overall length and 2.90m beam. 

The type of fuel used by this particular type of boat is gas, with an engine model Mercruiser.

Remember that if you want to rent without skipper must have the appropriate licenses, if you have some recommendations to have manipulated similar or equal boats, will be very useful to increase the confidence of the owners of the same. 

All that remains is to make the reservation and lie down to sunbathe and enjoy the spectacular views in a comfortable, safe and efficient boat with your loved ones.

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